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HIT Corporate Packages

HIT Corporate Packages
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Timisoara Hotel's multifunctional conference hall

Corporate  Eurobuster Packages

Servicing New Europe's Fragmented Markets

If compared to Western European economies, New Europe is affected by the fragmentation of its markets. The new countries that have emerged since 1989, such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro are difficult to service, from a global corporation's perspective.

Timisoara - A Regional Hub

This is exactly where the city of  Timisoara , with its proximity to all these markets, diversity of its ethnic mix and excellent hotel & leisure facilities could be of service to multinationals. Thus, corporations in search of a cost-effective location for organizing new product launches, regional sales & marketing conventions and end-of-year functions involving corporate personnel from New Europe countries, should look no further.

Cost-effective Corporate Packages

For only 80 euros per delegate per day, the leading members of Timisoara's hospitality industry are able to offer interested corporate clients

  • adequate conference facilities equipped with the latest audio-video gear;
  • quality 3- and 4-star hotel accommodation with buffet breakfast;
  • international-class catering services;
  • a host of leisure activities, from golf and horse riding to gourmet dining and wine tasting in fine restaurants.

Qualified Workforce

No offer would be complete, however, without taking into account the ethnic diversity that is the hallmark of Timisoara - which makes the job of finding qualified Hungarian, Serbian, German, Bulgarian or Czech translators so much easier than in other parts of New Europe.

Direct Air Links

Finally, the Traian Vuia International Airport is adequately serviced, with daily flights available to and from Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna, Stuttgart, Milan or Venice, and by HIT member hotels' fleet of transfer minibuses.

For more details about HIT's Corporate Eurobuster Packages, as well as pre-bookings, please fill in the enquiry form provided.

See you soon in Timisoara !