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Leisure in Timisoara

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Leisure in Timisoara
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The Recas private golf course has opened in 2004
Without doubt, Timisoara has emerged as Romania's de facto leisure capital and one of New Europe's best positioned cities in terms of the leisure opportunities it offers its visitors.
Here are but a few of the leisure activities available in "little Vienna":


Tourists staying at the brand new Boca Junior Hotel can take advantage of its location and enjoy a morning jog on a beatiful stretch of sealed alleys through the parklands skirting the Bega River banks. Timisoara Hotel guests are also able to do likewise, starting their jog from the Cathedral park in the city centre, along the Bega towards the outskirts.


In summer, Timisoara sports no fewer than 40 swimming pools, whilst some of HIT's member hotels have heated or indoor pools as well. There are even a few olympic-size pools, such as Club Heaven's, which is equipped with underwater sound system and the latest water filtration gear. Together with Club No Name, it is an excellent venue for fashion and music shows.


As of 2004, visitors to Timisoara can enjoy a game of golf on the newest private golf course of the region, inaugurated 20 km from the city, in Recas.

Tennis, Squash & Fitness

Many of HIT's member hotels, such as the Tresor and the Hotel 2000, have private clay courts available for the use of their guests, as well as fitness and sauna facilities. A few private clubs in Timisoara also offer around-the-clock squash and tennis facilities for locals and tourists alike.

Horse riding

Horse riding can be organized on request through HIT member hotels and travel agencies in the Green Forest or other places around the city.

Rafting, Fishing

Water sports are also available for active visitors. There are a number of tour operators specialising in guided rafting or fishing trips on Timis County's major rivers.

Theme Evenings and Weekends

The HIT Association and member restaurants are marketing, on a regular basis, theme evenings - such as medieval evenings, ethnic heritage evenings, Dracula evenings - as well as theme weekends. Beside the Heritage Weekend in Timisoara, guests can choose between the Latin Weekend in Timisoara and the Exotic Weekend in Timisoara, featuring gourmet food and wine, gourmet coffee and club entertainment.

Wine Tasting

For lovers of fine wine, the HIT Association can organize wine tasting evenings in Timisoara's recently-opened CASA DA VINO - featuring wines from all over Romania, as well as trips to Timis County's main wine producer, the Recas Winery.